Culcreuch Castle Wedding

Located near Stirling in central Scotland, just over an hour from Edinburgh – Culcreuch Castle has been the ancestral seat of the Scottish clan Galrbraith for over 700 years.

Now the Castle is a great wedding venue for the couples to enjoy. If you think about your dream wedding venue this can be your perfect choice. Not only because it’s a castle but also because of it’s close location to Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Another Saturday’s wedding with great weather throughout the day started slow. Lorna – the bride managed to organise her day perfectly therefore I could concentrate on the best shots.

One of the bridesmaids have organised a small surprise for newly married couple knowing that they love horses. A carriage took them for a ride around the castle.

Later that evening all the guests joined the couple on the dance floor. Everyone seemed to have  a great time what you can clearly see on the images below.

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