Lynne and Stan – Hillcroft Hotel

When photographing a winter wedding not everything might go according to plan. Especially when it starts snowing. Getting to a venue might be tricky but being late is not an option. This time the weather wasn’t bad for us. Although it was chilly, the sun was shining for most of the day.
I have met Lynne and Stan on a wedding show last year. Since our first conversation, I knew that it will be fun to work with them.
On a pre-wedding shoot they were both relaxed and although it was cold morning they had smiles on their faces all the time.
When I arrived at Lynne’s house everything seemed to be organized. And so it was. I managed to take some nice shots of the bridal party getting ready and enjoying a glass of bubbly. After an about two hours I headed to Hillcroft Hotel to meet Stan and his best man where they spent the previous night. I took some pictures of them just before they headed to the bar for a pint.

The whole ceremony was full of laughs and emotions. The priest was relaxed and made everyone smile. Sometimes I couldn’t stop laughing either. After about 20 mins Lynne and Stan became Mr. and Mrs. Ure.

When the ceremony ended, everyone moved to a bar area for a drink.

In the meantime, chefs were preparing a delicious food (I know it was delicious because I’ve tried it )

After the speeches and meal the real party started. Most of all everyone enjoyed themselves ( you can see it in the images below) dancing to a great music played by MPG Entertainments. I could definitely stay there longer with that music and dance myself but couldn’t do  it obviously 🙂

Here are few pictures from this great wedding of Lynne and Stan.


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