Wedding in the heart of capital

Karen and Grant got married at The Principal Edinburgh Charlotte Square located in the West End of the capital. It was my first ( hopefully not the last) time documenting a wedding in this exceptional venue. The interior surprised me. Very original with a variety of details that makes you feel like in a different world. From outside it looks like any other building on the street but inside is completely opposite.

I have met Karen and Grant before. They found some time for an engagement photo shoot so we had a chance to chat a little before their Big Day.

When I stepped into Karen’s mum house where all the preparations have already started I didn’t feel any pressure. It looked like the girls were well organised. I did indeed put a bit of pressure when asked to take the wedding dress out for a shot. It was a frosty morning and the grass was really slippery. I have chosen a spot that was on a small hill and it was a bit tricky to get there. Fortunately, the Bride and Bridesmaids did a great job and helped me to hang it safely ( you can see the results below).

Overall the whole day turned out great. It was a bit emotional ( like most of the weddings I guess;) ) and once the party started everyone had a great time.

Have a look at some of the photos from Karen and Grant’s wedding.


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